What information can you provide on the condenser size I require?

Heating and Cooling Technician

We have HRAI trained staff that can do a heat loss/gain calculation for your home. If we installed the heating equipment in your home when it was built these calculations have already been done in order for the builder to get a building permit. Below are some links to more information on the sizing your […]

What can I do to keep my air conditioner in good working order?

Service repair being done on a heat pump hvac system

1. Keep the outdoor unit free from debris and plants. 2. Schedule maintenance to have the indoor coil cleaned every other year, or sooner if needed. 3. You can buy a cover from us or use something to cover the top of the condenser in the winter. Just make sure there is a foot or […]

How often do I change my furnace filter?

furnace furnace installation furnace repair

We recommend checking it monthly to see how dirty it is and replacing it with a new disposable filter when required. A good reminder is to buy a new filter at the start of each new season. This does depend on the number of pets, if there is smoking in the home and the area […]