Summer’s here! Minimize the Strain on Your Air Conditioner

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As we approach the summertime, we will look to our air conditioners to keep us and our homes cool. This means the units will be working the hardest and exuding the most energy. We’ve compiled a few tips to take some stress off your unit to avoid any repairs during the hottest days of the year – oh and save you a little on your energy bill!

Look at Air Filters

Replacing your air filter should be part of your maintenance schedule regardless of what season we are in. It’s key to keeping your system running most efficiently. It becomes very important in the summer because a clogged or dirty filter can reduce the flow into your HVAC system that would cause more energy needed to cool your home on the hottest of days. If the filter is extremely dirty, it can cause your system to shut down completely.

Cut the Heat Inside

There are many little things we can do in our daily activities that build up heat in our home. If you can reduce the heat in your home, it will cut down on the work your air conditioner needs to do. For example, if you purchase quality blinds or curtains, keep them closed during the day to reduce the amount of heat reflecting through your window. Especially, if you have the sun beat through them during the hottest periods of the day. Additionally, consider using your dishwasher or oven during cooler periods of the day.

Plant a Tree, Create Shade

This one gets overlooked a lot of the time but can be very effective. The condenser is often found outdoors inside your AC unit and is exposed the conditions outside – often in direct sunlight. Consider planting a shrub, tall grass or small tree near your air conditioner to give your unit a little protection and shade. Remember to give it a little space so air flow isn’t obstructed. 

Let Air Circulate

There is a fine balance between the air your unit takes in and what it can push out to the areas of your home. Allow the air to move as freely through your home as possible. Leave bedroom doors and registers open to allow it to circulate on all levels of your home. If any of these are closed, it will take longer to cool key areas and the added work on your system will be longer.


Need More Help? Call the Experts!

If you are having trouble with your furnace or air conditioner, give us a call and will send one of our knowledge techs to see how to make your air conditioner and home as efficient as possible.