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You deserve to be warm and cozy without the high energy costs.

We understand the importance to keeping your family warm through out the colder months. Whether you own a condo, single family home or larger building, Select Heating and Cooling will develop a heating solution that will best serve your needs and fit your home. We understands that it’s much more than just installing a furnace in your home. We work with you to find a unit that will not struggle to warm all the corners of your home by assessing the square footage and matching it to the ranges of the furnaces that we recommend.

Furnace & Heating in Oxford County

Furnace Installation

Installing a new furnace or replacing an existing can be a large investment but will save you in heating costs going forward. Our knowledgeable technicians will work with you to find the best unit from our favourite brands that will work the most efficiently in your home to provide you with warmth in all corners of your home. 

Furnace Repair

It’s always best to schedule an inspection of your furnace in the early fall to correct any issues before a real cold winter night. Our expert technicians will repair and service all types and brands of furnaces. At the first sign of trouble, give us a call and we will inspect your furnace and determine the best course of action to return warm air to your home. Also, consider adding a maintenance plan to your furnace! 

What They Said

Excellent!! Great staff, excellent service. I am very happy I called Select to replace my furnace. Very knowledgeable and helpful to make sure you get what you want and need. Workers were efficient and very respectful. I highly recommend this company

- John H.
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We have developed great relationships with the biggest brands in the HVAC industry in order to bring you the best products on the market.